So what IS the future of the brain?

Let’s start with what it is unlikely to be:

The electro chemical marvel that evolution created.. why/what is the evidence? Simply look at animal/primate brains that went extinct thanks to Homo sapien ones..AND the Homo Sapien chemical brains are not coping well with powerful chemicals unleashed by industrial/smart companies.. You look at the Marijuana craze of California or massive sugar, coffee, tobacco plantations of 100+ years ago that made brain-messing chemicals available/socially acceptable.

I Will talk about LSD, Shrooms, nDMT bit down the road..

You take the points above and couple it with your middle school chemistry lab, where you know about reversible and irreversible reactions: You know that brain is soft cellulose, so spooning into it powerful cocktail of chemicals and hoping for the best in terms of brain stability and calmness?

It’s a roll of dice, you probably have better odds on Black Jack in a small casino when it’s crowded.

Do watch YouTube videos on how to make Nitro Cellulose cotton — and hope that our brains aren’t as easily inflamed 😎

We have a passion for Neuroscience.. hands-on interest in applying DeepLearning to model a Hyperactive Brain